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Company Description

Metcollect is the largest cable recycler in Northern Ireland who provide an innovative solution to the collection of scrap metals via various onsite containers. We have developed a full ERP solution for Metcollect including online customer bin management, customer iOS/Android Apps, Route Planning & Driver App along with finance integration and advanced reporting features.

The proposal

Metcollect has managed sustained growth and as part of their growth plan they required an ERP solution that was as innovative as their business. The software needed to enabled clients to manage their bins (new bins, empty bins and remove bins) 24 hours a day whilst also providing full depot management (asset management, route planning and more), head office functions (finance integration, reporting and depot over-site) and being able to scale with the company.

We were required to develop an Android app that would be used by their drivers – it should allow the driver to login and see the vehicle and route for the day. The driver can complete a pre-departure checklist (defined by admin and set on the vehicle type) which ensured key safety checks were completed and key equipment was present – blocking a departure of an un-safe vehicle. The app should allow the driver to see a map of the route and key details of the bin location – at the site the driver can complete a form to unload the contents of bin. At all stages the vehicle weight is checked to ensure it maintains legal limits – preventing the driver from overloading the vehicle. The depot team can send messages for last minute changes and track the progress of the driver throughout the day. At the depot the app allows the driver and depot team to manage the unloading process ensuring the contents of the vehicle are checked into the depot correctly.

Our solution

We developed an Android App which connects to the backend solution where the depot and admin team can manage the information required by the app. The App securely connects to the backend and ensures the app can operate without a stable network for the majority of the day. The app was designed to be intuitive and easy to use whilst also ensuring compliance for the various safety, legal and company rules.

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