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Peak Learning

Company Description

The Manager’s Toolkit® is an on
demand performance improvement
and developmenttool that helps
managers find relevant and
immediate solutions to everyday
workplace challenges. We created
a platform to allow Peak Learning
to manage their clients managers
access to webinars, videos, guides,
actionsand forms(can be stored online)
in an easilyaccessible and manageable

The proposal

Peak Learning have developed a comprehensive Managers toolkit that supports managers in providing guidance and tools (forms) in ensure the Manager has suitable guidance for all eventualities. The requirement was to implement a solution that would allow the paper based toolkit to be delivered electronically. Peak Learning needed to manage their clients along with their clients managers access – offering different toolkit sections in packages. The site should be secure, offer video, allow forms to be completed online and saved/printed as well as offering sections to manage actions arising from forms, webinars, blogs and a tooltip of the day.

Our solution

We crafted a public and administrative software as a service online solution based on open source software. To ensure the speed of the site we coupled a Content Delivery Network to ensure videos/images are delivered quickly to the user on any device. We enabled monitoring of all actions of users throughout the site to support fault finding and to be able to provide support guidance on the best usage of the site (whilst supporting management reports on site usage).

We crafted a number of designs and user flows through the site for agreement with Peak Learning and settled on a design that was on brand, intuitive to use and lent itself to supporting multiple designs. We continue to host and provide application support to ensure the team at Peak Learning can continue their value add work whilst leaving the maintenance (and ad hoc tasks) to us to manage.

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