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Company Description

The perfect tutor management tool to teach pupils. Tutor Software, Online classes- Music,book & organise lessons safe and quick payment control and invoicing, easy lesson creation and planning, public profiles to generate new students.

The proposal

Ortera deliver technical consultancy and solutions to some of the UK largest companies (including HMRC) – they saw a gap in the market to offer tutors with a comprehensive software solution to support their businesses.  Existing offerings were weak in core areas and limited in terms of features for schools operating.  They wanted to develop a minimum viable product to deploy to the market, deliver more features than competitors and maintain a lower price point.  The solution had to work well on mobiles and tablets whilst being secure and well integrated (google calendar, skype instant messaging and multiple payment providers).

Our solution

Our solution was to use open source software to develop a custom platform on which we could deliver the required functionality.  Our architecture of the solution focused first and foremost on security (isolation of user data, integrity and encryption) followed closely by scalability (vertically and horizontally) to ensure the performance of the solution coped with the hoped high demand.

To enable future support we modularised the solution based on functions and users which allows rapid development/support of specific modules without the need for large scale re-testing.  We utilised cross browser and cross device testing to ensure the user experience was as good as it should be regardless of the device or browser used.  The solution lends itself to a software as a solution design for the future.

We continue to provide hosting and ongoing maintenance which is supported by our 24*7 support teams and provides Ortera with a fixed monthly cost for unlimited infrastructure and application support (enabling them to manage their costs and budget effectively).

Any questions?

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