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Jack Enterprises supported Carlsberg in delivering a range of services over a number of years including technical architecture, technical project management, development and support services. We worked with a wide range of suppliers to support Carlsberg in delivering projects across many business areas including Finance, Logistics, Sales and Procurement, this included provision of resource through the full lifecycle of a number of projects (including post live support). We worked on a range of technologies which included direct client access, cloud based and device accessible – ensuring we helped Carlsberg achieve their project aims.

Ryan Bishop, Managing Director at Jack Enterprises:
‘We have a close working relationship with Carlsberg built over a large number of years of partnership. We have engaged and driven real demonstrable value whilst remaining passionate about client outcomes – we have felt every part of the combined team at every stage. The insight and knowledge this has afforded us we carry through to every subsequent client engagement, making us stronger as an organisation‘.

Lasse Helbo, Director of Global ERP strategy at Carlsberg:
Over the last 6 years, I had the pleasure of working with Jack Enterprises, represented by Ryan Bishop. Through these 6 years, Carlsberg went through several business and technology transformation programs. On this journey, Ryan has been the project leader and lead architect through a variety of well managed projects. Ryan’s deep technical skills combined with his huge insight in business possibilities, has led to many valuable outcomes, both in business process optimization and architecture modernization. Ryan always acts with professionalism, agility and commitment in his deliverables. Besides that, he is an excellent communicator on all levels in the organization.
I look forward to working with Jack Enterprises again.


Jack Enterprises partnered with Staples to support in delivering architecture and technical governance for a European wide initiative, with a mix of suppliers we ensured that the client’s needs were safeguarded, they were kept updated and the best industry practice for the project was adopted.
Jonathon Eaton, Staples “I have worked with Jack Enterprises on two occasions. First whilst at Carlsberg and secondly at Staples. All in it’s been around 3 years of project delivery. They listened to what we wanted, proposed alternatives when they thought it wouldn’t have the desired results, but always delivered what we asked for. Ryan provided a weekly report which gave us some idea as to what was being delivered and allowed us to see the effect of any possible change requests on both timeline and budget. This proved to be very useful in also having other stakeholders control their costs. For the key milestones they were fairly close to the plan. On the rare occasions when they could not meet the agreed time they were good at providing sufficient advance notice so we could mitigate the effect. I found them open with all communication, and although we didn’t reach a point where we had any problems we were assured that they would be transparent with us and always do what they say they will”.