Web Design

Web Design

Based in Solihull and the West Midlands we design and develop a range of websites for our clients – each and every one is designed uniquely for you.  No templates, no one size fits all – after all your business should be as unique as your website.  Our team design the most appropriate pages to ensure your website delivers value to your business – whether as a brochure for your business, online shop or delivering your services directly to your clients – we make you unique.



Traditional bricks and mortars shops along with online retailers all benefit from an efficient, cost effective online store to either increase footfall to the physical shop or upsell/cross sell to site visitors.  Our expert team can help drive conversions, suggest cross selling techniques and guide on acceptance of suitable payment methods.  Every solution we sell as security at its heart – so we ensure the data your customers trust you with is protected as though it were your own.


Web Development

Our in house team are experts at using the right framework for your solution, whether that is CMS based (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc), a PHP framework (Laravel, CodeIgniter or perhaps CakePHP), a simple HTML5/CSS, Java based or a custom PHP – we ensure the right technology for you to be online, stay online and ensure you have reduced maintenance costs.  Our quality control processes ensure that you get site of your website early and often to reduce any costly later changes.

Is your business doing all that it can online?

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Responsive Websites

With a large range of devices, operating systems and browsers – ensuring your website looks good when you launch is only half the battle.  We craft responsive websites based on standard technology to ensure your website looks its best across all of the devices your client might use.  The way we develop ensures your website is easily maintainable and can be updated as new standards are launched (and more importantly as old standards are removed from browsers).

With the majority of users reporting that they are put off a company by the look of their website – can you afford to be losing business due to the way your website looks to a client?

Interactive Website

Users are demanding more from businesses and they expect their website to be more interactive and to engage with your business in a range of ways.

Business Process Optimisation

Every project we deliver has a specific objective for our clients – from finding new clients, retaining existing clients, improving profitability or improving sales – we understand the solution we provide is only part of the answer.  We provide comprehensive business consultancy within every project to ensure we have understood your objectives, we deliver a solution to meet those objectives and you can implement a continual review process to ensure the solution is meeting its intended aims.
Our wide industry experience means we add value by having open discussions during scoping to identify possible improvement areas and ways to meet those objectives.  We have clients from a wide range of industries including but not limited to Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Government and Hospitality.
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Simplified Process

We have broken our process down to four major steps, of course we recognise every project is unique, however every project has these phases.


Here we work together with our clients on defining what the objectives are, how we will achieve those, a timeline for delivery and the inputs we need from the client to succeed.


We look at your market, what your competitors are doing and how you can differentiate – we leverage existing assets to craft a unique design that meets your business objectives


We use the agreed technology to build a robust, secure and scalable solution for your business.  Our development follows industry best practices for quality, we perform peer review and importantly we deliver using an agile technique which provides short sprints of activity.  This gives our clients regular review points to have confidence in the progress of our build phase.

We peer review at regular stages, and we have a comprehensive asset library which ensures we don’t reinvent the wheel (saving on testing effort and build risk).


We provide a test environment for you to test and provide feedback, we utilize a collaboration tool to ensure your feedback is collated and incorporated with minimum fuss.  We perform internal testing before handing over to our clients to test (called Integration Testing), our clients then perform testing (User Acceptance Testing) and subject to project requirements we perform system testing (Security, Performance, Availability etc.)
Of course we support in Training and Deployment to ensure your solution launches successfully.


Online Orders

Allowing your customer to book your services, order your products or enquire about your services 24 hours is becoming increasingly important for users.  Ensure you have a website that supports your business sales by making your business available to your prospective clients around the clock.


Software as a Service

Have a great idea for an online solution that you want to sell to other businesses, we support clients to develop and deploy SaaS solutions using a variety of pricing models (per user, per install etc).  We guide our clients when considering any new product launch to use an MVP style of implementation to ensure product viability.


Brochure Website

Sometimes all you need is to ensure your prospective & current clients understand what are your products and services.  A brochure website can show images, text, video and allow downloads of any promotional materials.  Its a great way to capture interest in products, show similar products and gather contact information from prospective clients.

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