Web Design

Web Design

We create timeless designs that are flexible and adaptable to the changing tastes of your audience.  Our design process ensures that we match existing branding or develop custom branding to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.
Your website will only be as good as the imagery and text it holds, we can provide bespoke content, utilise existing content you have or obtain images from our vast library of assets. We ensure you have copyright for all assets we provide.



eCommerce can be a traditional online shop, re-selling services online or developing a customized product selection/delivery framework – we are experienced in all aspects on online selling.  Finding customers, allowing them to find your products and converting those views to sales is the golden triangle for online sales – ensuring your site displays your products/services in their best light, is well organised and technically drives conversions is at the heart of all of our eCommerce projects.


Web Development

With a comprehensive team of specialists covering a wide range of technologies we aren’t constrained to offering sites only built on a CMS framework (such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) but offer you the best solution based on your needs.  Our development process is a well tested and structured process that is based on ISO9001 Quality Standards – we are so confident in the quality of our solutions that we offer unlimited technical support for all of our solutions (costs apply).

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Mobile Ready Websites

Best on every device for every user – with increasing numbers of users accessing sites on a tablet or mobile its critical that your website is as effective on a mobile as its is a desktop.  We design layouts specifically for a mobile view, and our websites are either mobile responsive (meaning one design that adjusts to the layout) or dedicated mobile designs (separate designs for each).
We validate on common device formats and operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows) to ensure you site looks its best no matter what your customer is using to access your business.  Search Engines are also increasingly favoring in search results websites that are mobile optimized.

Security at the heart

We use industry best practice and Security by Design principles to deliver only secure websites and eCommerce solutions.

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Content Management System

Open source and easy to use. A CMS gives you full control of your website to update images and content, not just keeping your brand fresh, but helping with SEO. We’ll support you with your new website or eCommerce store with training and documentation. Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are a few CMS’s we specialise in


Design Assets

Consistency in messages to your customers is important to build a brand and increase customer retention, we can base designs on existing branding or create a whole new brand. When we produce design assets (text, images, logo’s) we always provide these in a variety of formats for use across your business.  See our creativity.



After all the effort to get a customer to your site the last thing you want is for them to not buy your product or service. Understanding how customers are using your site to determine reasons for non conversion is important – we provide analytics support and reviews to support in maximizing the number of conversions.

Business Process Optimisation

Every project we deliver has a specific objective for our clients – from finding new clients, retaining existing clients, improving profitability or improving sales – we understand the solution we provide is only part of the answer.  We provide comprehensive business consultancy within every project to ensure we have understood your objectives, we deliver a solution to meet those objectives and you can implement a continual review process to ensure the solution is meeting its intended aims.
Our wide industry experience means we add value by having open discussions during scoping to identify possible improvement areas and ways to meet those objectives.  We have clients from a wide range of industries including but not limited to Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Government and Hospitality.
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Simplified Process

We have broken our process down to four major steps, of course we recognise every project is unique, however every project has these phases.


Here we work together with our clients on defining what the objectives are, how we will achieve those, a timeline for delivery and the inputs we need from the client to succeed.


We look at your market, what your competitors are doing and how you can differentiate – we leverage existing assets to craft a unique design that meets your business objectives


We use the agreed technology to build a robust, secure and scalable solution for your business.  Our development follows industry best practices for quality, we perform peer review and importantly we deliver using an agile technique which provides short sprints of activity.  This gives our clients regular review points to have confidence in the progress of our build phase.

We peer review at regular stages, and we have a comprehensive asset library which ensures we don’t reinvent the wheel (saving on testing effort and build risk).


We provide a test environment for you to test and provide feedback, we utilize a collaboration tool to ensure your feedback is collated and incorporated with minimum fuss.  We perform internal testing before handing over to our clients to test (called Integration Testing), our clients then perform testing (User Acceptance Testing) and subject to project requirements we perform system testing (Security, Performance, Availability etc.)
Of course we support in Training and Deployment to ensure your solution launches successfully.



Customers expect more flexibility in choosing when to access your services, by providing online booking capabilities you can provide choice to your customers and reduce the quiet times (demand pricing etc.)
Of course this also means less time on the phone and more time serving customers.


Web Apps

Providing a site with more than just information is defined as a web application, whether allowing your clients to interactively explore your products through to self service of key functions. Our team specialise in delivering the perfect solution to meet your needs even if this involves taking data from a third party.



An internal online application, that enables you to communicate and operate within your business. Usually only your employees have access, for example project sites, HR and time and expense management. Intranets aren’t new but still very capable and relevant.
Increase collaboration, engagement and productivity whilst keeping control.

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